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Insane - 100%

weedian, April 20th, 2005

I find this to be maybe the best stoner doom band these days. Here you have it all...catchy mid-paced riffs mixed with crushing, slow paced, trance-inducing ones mixed with psychodelic melodies and droning noises. Crazy clean vocals mixed with screaming. Everything that followed by great bass playing and a perfect drum performance giving you a sound-trip of your life. This band sounds like you took the best of Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Burning Witch and Neurosis and threw it in a pool of LSD.
The first song, "Ball of Molten Lead", starts of with a slow intro, which is then followed by a very catchy riff which is first played without distortion and drums are following it without hitting any cymbals. Then the distortion kicks in and the drums get more agressive. After that we hear that unearthly vocal that is not only singing in a strangely colored high tone but is also spiced up with an effect. The bridge between the verses and the chorus contains one of the best riffs and best singing I've ever heard. The chorus is screamed very good. After the chorus, at approximately 7:40 minutes of the song everything stops and the guitar continues alone. At about 8:00 all the instruments kick in and you have the divine soundscapes until the end. Vocals continue to wary between clean and screaming, and guitar, bass and drums continue to make that huge, thick and hard but at the same time transparent and soft wall of sound just come crushing on you over and over again, feeling like you've truly been blessed.
The second song, "Exorcism of the Host" starts of heavy and very slow. Vocals perfectly singed and growled to a monolithic riffing. At approx. 8 minutes the guitars change to clean, and everything quiets down. Then a great solo comes, and then that wall of sound just keeps building up again getting bigger and better with every snare hit.
The third song, "Doom #2", is the shortest YOB song ever recorded (at least on their official releases). 6 minutes of anger and insanity. Disturbing and heavy as hell.
"The Illusion of Motion", the last track on the album, is a 26 minutes long epic Burning Witch-like masterpiece. 50 tones of iron hitting concrete in slow motion. I don't think I can describe how powerfull and genius this song is so I won't try. You have to hear this for yourself. Get this album by all means.