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I've left my human body and I can see the universe - 95%

SpaceBeastOfBeautifulPower, February 17th, 2013

I can't even begin to explain. This album has changed what I view possible with metal songwriting. This album doesn't even need to go past the first song to pull you through a galactic wormhole into a life-changing dark-psychedelic experience. YOB's attention to building atmosphere in their tracks and making it seamlessly mix and blend with heavy doom riffs easily makes this one of my top doom records of all time.

It has the perfect amount and balance of drone, psychedelic influence, heavy riffs, aggressive/melodic vocals and gradual tone-building in every song.

DRONEY STUFF: tracks like 'Exorcism of the Host' use the immensely epic slow-drum-accented-riffage as a jumping-off point into perfectly super slow tempo drone sections that constantly build atmosphere and help you descend into the blackness and emptiness and space. Also on the final/title track there will be many sections where the guitar parts dwell on the same highly-distorted bassy notes it starts to sound like they just turned into Sunn O))) BUT these long sections are used widely to engulf you into the song and have enough varying notes and sections popping in and out.

(I love me some-) PSYCHEDELICS: During your journey through your inner self, you will notice many wavy guitar effects and melodic overtones in both High vocals and melodic floating guitar parts. The atmosphere-building also really contributes to this feeling that you've just smoked a bowl and did shrooms, putting you through that slow, ethereal and dreaming state. The intro to the first track (probably my favorite of the 4), 'Ball of Molten Lead', really feels like "IT" is kicking in, and you definitely don't need to be high to experience this. I was sober through my entire listening of this album and it just felt great.

HEAVY RIFFS! : YOB definitely has the ability yo get people moshing like fucking crazy with immensely powerful chords and utterly doom progressions put to a really active rhythm, making a powerful groove that your can ride for quite the power trip. The song 'Doom #2', oddly, seems to be the least 'Doom-ish' of all the tracks due to its (significantly shorter run time) fast groove and aggressive riffs that attack you like a rabid wild doberman. On top of that, they're using their really heavy vocals which is used mostly throughout the album as a tool to further push you into the blackness, but on this track its used to fuel your feeling of uptempo attacking rage. On the other tracks, I mean, it's doom! What else more do I have to tell you! You know what you're getting; the heaviest of all the world's obsidian planted directly into your brain.

VOCALS: I mentioned vocals before, talking about the ethereal trippy aspects and powerful aggressive additions to the songs. They're produced in the manner that the light vocals are distorted either to an eerie high pitch or made to fade in and out like the souls of your dead ancestors. The aggressive vocals are given this gritty and sort of atmospheric distortion like it's the voice of a tornado's destructive winds talking to you during the long doom/drone sections. During the much more active sections with aggressive vocals the tone still works but in a different way, sort of getting-all-up-in-your-face and kind of overbearing way which works unless the song's clever tone and songwriting pattern has done its trick and brought you to the right mood in which your heart screams right along with it.

ATMOSPHERE BUILDING: YOB should win some sort of internationally-recognized award for incorporating dreamy atmosphere through the perfect kind of instrumental sections, soft or droning, which end up creating this feeling that you've been transported to another world. When you are day dreaming about the world inside this music or trying to visualize music videos for the songs in your head is when you know that this music has quality atmosphere & tone.

As a Sludge & Prog fan making his way into Doom metal, I cannot praise this album enough. The only reason I haven't given it a hundred percent is it's just not actually perfect. This album doesn't do much in the way of innovation or straying from the norm, It's just here to show that YOB are absolute masters of Stoner Doom and all the musical/metal elements I listed above. For everything it was, it was perfect; it was just really cohesive which can sort of serve as a disappointment when you realize that it only transported you to one amazing realm of existence, not any of the others.

Turn the lights off. You don't need any sensory input, in fact any outside sounds or feelings will take away from this momentous experience you are about to have when you leave this world. 95%. I love you all so very very much.