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YOB's greatest. ...No, the greatest. - 100%

NightmareInc, December 12th, 2006

This is the absolute greatest stoner doom metal release of all time. There are no flaws whatsoever, and every second creates an amazing and bleak atmosphere which no other doom metal band can create. YOB were something special, with other great releases such as "Elaborations of Carbon" and the more popular "The Illusion of Motion" (meaning to say that their other release, "The Unreal Never Lived", wasn't my cup of tea), they have created a name for themselves in the undeground doom metal scene. However; YOB play a ridiculously slow-tempoed, almost droning metal style. This may be why their name wasn't put into the big picture / long run for well-known metal bands, but they still remain, by almost every doom metal fan; to be one of the most underrated doom metal bands of all time.

The guitars on this album still have that clangy, "psychadelic"-type tone to them, something that most of us can and do enjoy. Although psychadelic, these riffs also contain some classic doom metal / rock (Black Sabbath, Earth, etc)-induced elements. For example, the opening riff for "Ether" sounds like a drugged out Black Sabbath (Paranoid era) riff. Yes, drugged out. That is to say that it seems much more noisy and heavy, something in the style of what you would hear at a concert (extremely loud guitars) - yet amazingly catchy.

That is what keeps this album together, the catchiness of the tunes and riffs. The vocals don't really hold any unique arangements, but the riffs are splendid. The drums are also worthy of mention here, as they always tend to fit well in with the riffs and never interfere and make themselves blur out what the listener should be picturing in his or her mind. The guitars are what do this.

Overall, this is pretty much the absolute greatest doom metal record of all time. Very progressive and epic, mindblowing, catchy, and everything else you could ask for in a heavy doom metal album. Don't let the songs fool you. There are only three, but the average song length for this album is 15 minutes each. The last song, "Catharsis", is 23 minutes of pure assault in form of drugged out doom metal. Droning, chaotic, and catchy as fuck.

Oh, might I also add that this is quite fun to headbang to. When the riff is repeated, the first note to it is always ridiculously accented, played much louder than the others. Headbang to each one of these accented notes very hard and then wabble around like you're on drugs until it comes in again, at which point you repeat the process by headbanging again. I guarentee that this is one of the funnest doom metal albums to headbang to, and the absolute greatest to listen to.