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Oh fucking monkeyfuck where did this come from???? - 81%

UltraBoris, December 2nd, 2002

This thing is fucking amazing! You'd never expect Yngwie to put out something this fucking great... oh wait, it's live, that's why. Yeah, live every heavy metal performer is better, including Yngwie Malmsteen. What makes this so good is that the setlist is pared down nicely, so that all sorts of hideously forgettable garbage from his albums is left behind, and we just get the winners.

"My Resurrection" - not really a good studio song, but with the crowd singing along, and the fireworks intro, and just the overall sheer massiveness of the live setting, it becomes quite good. What parts are lacking in the sound space of the studio version (rhythm guitar, really) are more than compensated for by the intensity of the crowd and of the performance. Then, "Facing the Animal" is another one off the new album, which is far better than the studio version.

Then we get into some amazing speed metal in the way of "Rising Force" - fuck yeahhh!!! This owns right here. "Bedroom Eyes" is not bad, it is way the fuck better than the studio version off Eclipse, which frankly blew ass in the studio. Then we get an amazing ten minute version of "Far Beyond the Sun" - a version far better than the original 1984 studio track.

"Like An Angel" is the obligatory ballad. A bit crappy, but hey, everything is redeemed when they play BRAVEHEART!!! I always was a sucker for this song, even on the studio album it was very, very good, and here it's completely fucking mindblowing in every way. This is the best song on here, especially for that solo that is totally non-masturbatory and sounds a lot like Richie Blackmore.

Next, "Seventh Sign" is quite good, as is the track labelled "Guitar Solo", which contains bits and pieces of all sorts of stuff, including Yngwie doing Red House, which is a Hendrix classic. Very well done, I must say.

Disc Two starts off with "Gates of Babylon", and then goes to "Alone in Paradise", and then the great "Pictures of Home". Richie Blackmore should be impressed. Okay, he's fuming probably at the dude with the white strato that took HIS image, but still... then "Never Die" is done very well in total speed metal fashion, and then "Black Star" is amazing too, again better than the studio version.

Oh and then for the encore - one of the greatest 80s-metal songs of all time, "I'll See the Light Tonight!!" This makes the (very good) studio album sound like the bastard son of Winger and Korn. Fucking amazing stuff, and almost knocks Braveheart off the pedestal for best song.

Should you get this? Nah, you're a disco fan, so keep listening to disco. What's this, you're a metalhead? GET IT, YOU FOOL!! This is the greatest album Yngwie has ever been on, easily.