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Yngwie for the millenium! - 74%

PowerMetalGuardian, May 27th, 2003

It is the year 2000! No really it is! And Yngwie Malmsteen has been ripping up albums for some time now! He has had his awsome albums and his crappy albums. So for the first album of a new millenium probably falls in between good and bad.

The first song we start of with is Prophet of Doom, which starts off with this weird screaming noise, untypical of Malmsteen!!! But the main riff is pretty basic neo-classical metal. In fact the next 5 songs are probably the best song on this album. Songs like Crucify and Bad Reputation have the usual kick ass, headbanging till your head falls off, neo-classical riffs. And who could forget those amazing solo's! Yeah there all pakced in here as well. These few songs also have amazing lyrics, very catchy and very dark themes(the typical formula for Malmsteen lyrics).

The rest of the album is basically fill ins, except for some songs. The instrumentals definetly stay, espcially Molto Arpeggiosa! Preluidum is even cooler cause it has a lot of added orchestra instruments (if you like that kind of thing). Mircale of Life is also a great song. It is one of those slow Malmsteen songs. You know, the ones with the slow drum beat, but powerful lyrics and guitar licks. War to End All Wars has one of the fastest Malmsteen riffs. Amazing solo's and lyrics. By the way everything blends...sort of like cake and ice cream! Yeah and don't even ask what Black Sheep of the Family is all about ,cause I have no freaking clue. It's like a reggae song with Yngwie soloing!

This album isn't really bad. It has a lot of fillers, but it has a lot of decent songs too. Malmsteen hasn't lost his talent for playing. His solo's and neo-classical sweeps are amazing as always. While Mark Boals isn't the greatest singer Malmsteen has had, he still is very good (in his own way). I wouldn't necessarily run out and hunt this one down. But if you happen to find it for a cheep price, definetly pick it won't regret it.