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Complete shit... - 25%

The_Ghoul, December 4th, 2007

...and it disappoints me that Yngwie is putting out such utter excrement. Where to begin? Well, the singing. Doogie White, the biggest wannabe ever, cannot sing worth a shit, and is completely inappropriate on an Yngwie album. I'll keep it at that.

The production is a definite low point on this album, if I had to choose one. When Yngwie was 21 and released Rising Force (and then Marching Out), the poor production was excusable, and added to the music's charm. Here, all it does is detract from the music, and furthermore, it's dishonest. When a young band makes an album that has rather raw production, it's a tacit statement saying that the band doesn't have the cash to afford a crystal clear production, and it works with artists such as first era Bathory, Sodom, olskool Mayhem, even Oldoldschool Savatage.

However, here, Yngwie is clearly capable of doing better. Look at albums such as The Seventh Sign and Magnum Opus. The production there was stunning. I don't even demand the production be crystal clear, either; this production manages to be overproduced and underproduced at the same time. It's like Yngwie caught the St. Anger bug and got really annoying tin can drums and guitars that effectively act as an amorphous blob, managing to overpower every other goddamn instrument on here, yet I still can't pick out the leads half the time.

Also, the playing on this CD is sloppy. If it were coming from a new shred band that's still trying to find its sound, I'd excuse it. Coming from Yngwie, it's unexcusable. It makes the music sound like shit and makes Yngwie sound like a self centered prick through his playing. The drums are a step down from drummers like Anders Johansson and Mike Terrana and are noticably more simple and rather "dumbed down" as it were. In addition, every song sounds the same. Sure, one might think "Every Yngwie album sounds the same. That's part of his schtick." Well, still, this is too much. 16 songs and only 2 or 3 are memorable. At least on previous albums he put an effort into distinguishing the songs and writing memorable songs. Here, it's all the same drek.

I actually dug the cover when I saw it. I took it as a bold, ballsy statement from a guitarist who's already proven himself many times. I hoped the music would be able to back up his statement and UNLEASH THE FOOKIN' FYOORY! Unfortunately, this album doesn't even come close to unleashing the fury, nor the rage, or even the anger. All it unleashes is annoyance, and that's annoyance at Yngwie for making such a shit album when he's capable of so much more.

This album gets a 0 for having NO content whatsoever, however 25 points because despite how much he sunk with this album, Yngwie can still fuckin' play. However, if you want to hear Yngwie really rip it up, get albums like Facing the Animal, Seventh Sign, Magnum Opus, or hell, get all 4 of the classic Rising Force albums (Odyssey, Trilogy, Marching Out, Rising Force). Those were genre defining classics. This (Unleash the Fury) is forgettable empty musical calories.