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A good introduction to Yngwie's material. - 90%

hells_unicorn, November 29th, 2006

Yngwie’s most well-known work is a product of the 80s, though it is far from the whole story of his career. As the first messenger of a rebirth of Baroque and Classical music, in addition to an early speed metal composer, he was well ahead of his time. Through all the success, the drama, and the activity in his life he tirelessly penned anthems that glorified music that was often passed up by the masses, in addition to challenging the idea that the electric guitar was merely a blues/rock instrument.

As with all compilations, this one is measured as much by what it leaves out as what it includes, and in this respect this compilation proves to be amongst the better ones put out. It carries highlights from Yngiwe’s live performance in 1989, which offer the listener a sample of his superior ability as a stage musician. It also contains the extended guitar solo version of “Making Love”, which can only otherwise be found on an out-of-print promotional single that is hard to come by, giving the compilation value beyond being an introductory tool.

Amongst the collection of standard songs, “I’ll see the Light Tonight” and “Liar” are good representations of Yngwie’s speed metal work. Likewise, straight-forward songs such as “Hold On” and “Queen in Love” provide listening material for the more mainstream oriented fan of 80s metal. The instrumental tracks on here are the most well-known, and although they don’t fully encompass Yngwie’s amazing instrumental works on both his debut album and afterwards, they give the prospective fan a good sample of his compositional style in this area.

In conclusion, of all the various compilations that you will come by bearing Yngwie’s insignia, this is the one to get if you wish to become better acquainted with his music. It functions both as a gateway to the vast back catalog that is out there with his name on it, and as a carrier of a rare version of one of Yngwie’s best songs after the end of Rising Force.