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Yngwie Malmsteen-A Guitar God - 88%

elfo19, February 6th, 2008

The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection-Yngwie Malmsteen

Upon browsing through related artists for some of my favorite bands I encountered a name that had come up several times: Yngwie Malmsteen. I didn't know anything about him or anything but I heard good things about him and his music. So I added the CD to my cart so I would have five for my buy one get four free offer. When I first listened to the CD I was amazed to the amazing guitar work that was so similar to one of my favorite bands, Symphony X.

My favorite songs on the set are the amazing instrumental "Far Beyond The Sun", the rapid guitar track "Liar", the melodic "Hold On", insane and jaw dropping "Guitar Solo (Trilogy Suite Op:5 /Spasebo Blues)" and my favorite of them all "Judas."

Yngwie is an amazing guitarist yet I have several problems with the CD. I do not know if it is just this compilation being selected poorly or if Yngwie has actually never recorded a ballad. The CD is just mid-tempo rockers one after another with verse-chorus-verse-chorus-guitar solo-chorsu structure. There is no break except when we get to "Guitar Solo" which is exactly what it name say and "Spanish Castle Magic", a Jimi Hendrix cover. This makes the album a little odd listening too because all the songs are so damn similar. Every song follows the samne damn structure one after anoither. Yet once again I do not know if this is just the compilation because I don't own any other CDs by him.

Still Yngwie is an excellent guitarist that deserves more recognition than he gets as you probably won't see him on any greatest guitarists lists even though he is at least in the top 25. He is unique because he carves his guitars so the neck is like a lute that gives him extra precision and if you're in the mood for some fast shredding then go for this. Still, if there was more variety I probably would have given this compilation a high 90.