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please... think of the kittens - 70%

UltraBoris, June 6th, 2004

Wow, is this album completely out there or what. More so than any other Yngwie album, this is just an endless sequence of guitar soloing. There are really only two 'songs' on here: As Above, So Below, and Now Your Ships Are Burned. Contrast this with something like Marching Out, where most everything is an 80s-metal song, except for the inevitable track titled "Opus #83210" or something - here, its all opuses (opi?), except for those two, which are 80s metal.

Pretty good 80s metal, when all is said and done, actually, and the opi are not bad either. Though I am hard-pressed to differentiate between all the songs: the only ones I can readily identify are Black Star and Far Beyond the Sun. The rest of all his works are completely interchangeable for all I care, and that includes this album, the other albums, the album with the orchestra, the random stuff in the live albums, and of course that legendary rehearsal from '83 that I have on video - the rest of the band is standing around, occasionally supplying a rhythm, while Yngwie unleashes Domokun after Domokun.

Well, this album isn't quite as bad as that demo, and in fact it's pretty enjoyable, just don't go looking for 'structure' or 'coherence' or any of that. If you like guitar solos...