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Welcome To The Shredhouse! - 90%

Human666, October 10th, 2011

This is where it all began.

Grind your axes, raise your Stratocasters, turn up your speakers, and shred till death! I can't imagine how the common toddler of 1984 who just bought a classic guitar last week reacted when this piece of lethal overdose shredding that just randomly popped out of his speakers, forcing him to throw away his guitar thinking,"I'm just a noob who'll never reach this level" and surrender to his future lame-assed career of a fat bourgeois clerk with a fat wife and two fat kids. Hell yeah.

'Rising Force' is a fundamental lesson in how to play guitar, how to compose music of high quality, how to combine classical music with metal. and how to fucking rule this world. The teachers are: 'Yngwie J. Malmsteen' (fret burning guitars, compositions and general awesomeness), 'Jens Johansson' (keyboards wizardry), 'Barriemore Barlow' (drums and brutality) and 'Jeff Scott Soto' (vocals and dinosaur's balls); a top notch team of musicians that perpetuate for YOU some of the best musical pieces ever written.

'Black Star' opens this album with some beautifully arranged classical guitars, leading to a mid- tempo track with dozens of melodic and high-soaring guitar leads. What's so noticeable in this track is the clear mix, the precise accuracy of each instrument, and the beautifully clean sound of the Fenders that Malmsteen shred so heavenly. Yeah, this is undoubtedly an amazing opener and a true highlight. The next song is 'Far Beyond The Sun', opening with a majestic neoclassical theme accompanied by wonderfully ecclesiastical keyboards and blazing drums. This song is just a pure guitar masturbation where each note is located perfectly and sounds brilliant. 'Jens Johansson' joins the shredfest at around the third minute with a highly complex synth solo of his own, inviting Malmsteen for a brilliant duel of synth against guitars. Malmsteen finishes this song off with some thunderous guitar shrieks and rapid scale attacks that will make your jaw drop, your ears sweat, and your overwhelmed mind beg for more!

'Jeff Scott Soto' is present in only two tracks (rest of the album is instrumental) and he's doing quite a good job. He has kind of a dirty yet melodic voice that suits the riffs quite well and his overall character is dominant enough to not let the songs go down. He's a pretty fitting choice for the vocals department, I would say. Now, one of the more epic track that Yngwie ever wrote, a truly epic piece, is 'Icarus Dream Suite' that only by its title you can guess how amazingly this one's gonna sound. The track begins with some power chord strikes that lead to a beautiful hypnotizing preface with cosmic choirs and mellow lead guitar. Later on comes some acoustic guitars with an overwhelmingly catchy riff that leads to another majestic section and then...Malmsteen comes in with thundering lead guitars to prove once again that he is simply awesome. Pure ear orgasm is guaranteed.

Each track in this album is just well structured, complex, deep and full of young ambitions and imagination. I can't remember how many times I've put this cd on, closed my eyes and let this rich world of brilliant notes guide me to fantasy landscapes and imaginary districts that belongs in the fantasy world of Tolkien and his colleagues. Except for being an astonishing milestone in the world of music, 'Rising Force' is also a great influence for endless amount of musicians of our era, and is partly the reason for why YouTube is so full of little Japanese kids with giant heads that manifest extraordinary guitar skills.

Ignore all the ignorant critics or anemic minds that can't comprehend highly complex and fast music. They can talk forever on how Yngwie is an egomaniac or that: "all h3 d0 i$ playing f@st!!". This album has passed the test of time and is officially declared a classic. Get this album, learn it in depth, and enjoy every moment.