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Definitely the strongest Yngwie - 73%

UltraBoris, December 1st, 2002

This is where he definitely gets his shit together as far as actual SONGS are concerned. There are no real overwhelming losers to be found here, and the riff work is a good match for the leads, and thus the songs don't get frightfully boring.

We start with a little prelude which leads into "I'll See the Light Tonight". Forget any 53 minute shredfests that he may have, THIS is the greatest Yngwie song of all time. Total classic 80s metal - a band like Malice would not seem out of place playing this one. Great stuff!

"Don't Let it End" is more of the same - a bit slower, but still great. Then we have the epic "Disciples of Hell" (no one can stop what's already begun!!) with maybe the greatest solo of the entire album.

"I Am a Boring" is pretty much the worst song on here. It kinda plods along. That said, it still has a great solo in it, so it's far from entirely forgettable, but it just doesn't have the instant attention-grabbing catchiness of the other songs on here.

Then, Overture 1383 (where does he come up with these seemingly random numbers) runs us into Anguish and Fear, which is a pretty nice 80s metal song, though not quite as good as "On the Run Again", or the longer, more developed "Soldier Without Faith". Here what Yngwie manages to do better than on any other album is write actual SONGS where the guitar solo doesn't completely overpower the actual riffs, and thus we have 6 minutes of winner. "Caught in the Middle" is also very good, then Marching Out is a little outro piece.

Overall, this is the one to get. It's the best Yngwie, the most enjoyable, and the one with the least gratuitous shredding for shredding's sake.