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Marching Out! - 94%

PowerMetalGuardian, May 22nd, 2003

By far my favorite Malmsteen album. This album has everything a melodic, neo-classical metal band woud look for in the 80's. All the songs on this album are Yngwie classics. This album starts of with the intro Prelude, this song can be thrown out. It doesn't really do anything to get the mood going. Only towards the end do you start to hear some feedback of guitars. Prelude is basically worthless, it could have been better.

But then we jump into the glory that is Malmsteen! I'll See the Light Tonight blasts off with a great riff, which latter transcends into a lead lick. Awsome drumming and Scott's scream add to the essence of this awsome song. The whole song has awsome lyrics, great Malmsteen riffs and solo's (occasionally during the riffs, Malmsteen will let out an artifical harmonic sound, this happens throughout the whole album). Everything about this song blend togther, including the synths and keyboards. Don't Let It End, is another great song. It is slow and seems like it will be crappy, but Scott's vocals keep you on your feet. Then it blasts into pure heavy metal. It is awsome how they do the vocals then the riff and drums, great job of blending the music to fit the vocals!

And the greatness continues, with the best Malmsteen song of all time, Disciples of Hell. It starts out clean, like a Spanish guitar solo, showing the amazing guitar skills of Malmsteen. But then it jumps into pure speed and headbanging delite. Scott's screams, Yngwies awsome riffs and neo-classical solo's keep the song up in the great category. The lyrics are also kick ass: Burning candles in cantations/ Human Sacrifice/ Getting drunk from blood, not wine/Pointy daggers shine. By far the best song on this album!!!

I Am a Viking, another one of those classic Malmsteen songs, slow but very progressive riffs, and awsome lyrics. I am a Viking in going out to war!!! The next song Overture 1383, is a instrumental. It starts out heavy and then ends in a slow, very neo-classical style of guitar playing. Awsome guitar work here!

Anguish and Fear is where anyone can truly see Malmsteen has made music. Everything blends, especially in the beginning with the super fast riff, lead intro lick, and the harpsicord. Scott also has amazing vocals once again on this song. On the Run is another great song, the intro has a kick ass riff, and awsome solo. The rest of the songs are good, not the best, but still good, especially for this album. Honestly people, there is nothing to hate about this album. It has all great Yngwie tunes. All these songs have amazing guitar work, keyboards, vocals, and even drums. The blending is just perfect. It can't get any better than this!!!