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Yngwie and Radio don't mix. - 80%

hells_unicorn, February 5th, 2007

Although this went out of print quite a while ago, there are still a few copies of this floating around and I managed to get my filthy, shred fan boy hands on it vis-avis Ebay. Although the longer guitar solo version of this song can also be found on the 1991 greatest hits compilation, there is a valuable lesson to be learned from this single due to the shorter version, which fortunately has not appeared on any compilations carrying the Malmsteen name.

One of the reasons why I don’t listen to the radio anymore is because the way it panders to the short attention span of the mindless worker bees of society is downright nauseating. Not only does the single edit lack 45 seconds of quality song time that can still be heard on the album version, the overall flow of the song is completely thrown off. If the average radio listener can’t handle a 5 minute long song, what the hell would be the point in playing anything Yngwie has recorded on the radio?

By contrast, the extended version of this song is the equivalent of experiencing the maestro of Neo-Classical shred live, which is always a treat that surpasses any studio release by him. Between the rapid pentatonic caprices ripped out to a vintage wah pedal sound or the sky high bends with the wide as hell opera-like vibrato there is a genuine magic that captivates the listener. If this had been the album version of the song, I would have given that album an additional 2 or 3 point boost.

To fans of Yngiwe looking for this, happy hunting, its becoming extraordinarily hard to find. If anything, more casual fans of this kind of music would do well to pick up the 1991 compilation. I don’t plan on ever parting with this because frankly I don’t see myself ever being able to get another one if I do.