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Not even close to the original but still decent - 70%

Pardi, January 15th, 2004

I loved Concerto Suite, It ranks in my top 3 ever. But this just isnt good enough. Yngwie has become undiciplined and sloppy. Concerto Suite is not a recording that you improvise over, Its something you play note for note, Its not like you are playing with a rockband where there is room for error and improvisation, Your playing with an orchestra! Another problem is that yngwie does WAY too many errors on this. I know for a fact that young yngwie could of nailed this performance note for note. Just see Trial By Fire, Live In Lenningrad. Many of the song that where not made for orchestra hade a real sloppy arangement, Thats acceptable however. Sence it was made for only acouple performances. The orchestra ofcourse is perfect, When do you ever hear of an orchestra playing sloppy?

All ive said is bad things so far, But dont get me wrong.. It is still an amazing performance that i belive few artists could ever perform. When yngwie does do it right it is briliant! I do prefer his tone on this album compared to the original, Its not as bright and noisy.

This album is however NOTHING compared to seing the DVD, That is the only way to listen to this performance.. When listening to it without video you will just pick out all the errors and whine like i have the whole review. But if you watch the dvd you will just sit there in awe!

Dont buy this album, Get the DVD instead!!