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Blah - 60%

The_Ghoul, January 9th, 2008

This CD is part of the long downhill slide that started with Alchemy. Deciding that the aggressive yet melodic sound of Fire and Ice through Facing the Animal wasn't suited to his ego enough, Yngwie has decided to shame the name of greats such as the 80's Rising Force albums and the 90's gems such as Magnum Opus and The Seventh Sign. The sound here is totally boring and like a McDonald's Filet-o-Fish, which is technically food, but processed so everything that made fish great is gone. Here, it's technically neoclassical shred, but it has none of the creativity and spark that made his past works great. It's all monotonous sludge, with a buttload of tracks and the only ones that stand out are the instrumentals. Sorry, Doogie, but you can't sing.

It's not so much the performance of other members, though; the drums aren't bad, and seeing as the drums were never defining in Yngwie's 20something year long career, the lack of any memorable drum performances don't hurt Attack!. However, it sure doesn't help the CD, and the bass follows similar patterns, being content to hide in Malmsteen's shadow and follow the rhythm guitar. The keyboards, similarly, are the backing to Malmsteen's wanking, and really contribute nothing to the overall experience of this album.

Like I said earlier, this album is technically neoclassical shred. However, it should be named, instead of Attack!, "The Yngwie Malmsteen Show." Everything on this album exists to inflate Yngwie's ego. While it may be impressive, it has none of the long term wrecking ball effects that his prior efforts like The Seventh Sign, Odyssey, and Marching Out had. It may be entertaining for a few minutes, but it proves to be quite one dimensional in the end.