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Underground Metal Perfection - 95%

ReverseTracheotomy, December 7th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Draconum Records

Yesterday's Saints is a tragically unknown band from the Washington D.C. area. Generation of Vipers was their first and only full length release coming several years after their self-titled demo. GoV is a concept album about the fall of man and Satan's banishment from heaven, all written and sung from the perspective of Satan. Lyrically, the concept is beautifully executed and this album is a shining example of a concept album that actually worked. The mixing and production as well is masterfully done, all the individual instruments can be easily heard without any overpowering the others. I will say as a disclaimer the singer's voice is pretty weird, I personally enjoy it, but if you don't like it try listening through several times and you'll probably find something you enjoy. He is incredibly technically proficient in a wide array of vocal styles, but the tone of his voice is very unique.

Overarchingly, you could classify the band as melodic death metal, but there is much more to it than that. Several of the songs feature Meshuggah level djent sessions, followed by some old school heavy metal style riffing, or just some straight up death metal power chord chuggs. The record is really diverse and really easy to get in to. Some highlights of the album include The Recruitment, Sangreale, and Recursion. Between the three of these songs this band shows so much technical skill, diversity, and songwriting ability that really is truly astounding.

Generation of Vipers is an absolutely killer record and unfortunately so unknown. There are elements found throughout that almost any metal head could enjoy. Yesterday's Saints borrows from so many influences its hard to name all of them. Traces of black, death, and thrash metal can easily be found throughout. Even the occasional djent or glam metal is tastefully thrown into the mix. Additionally, all of these musicians are extremely technically proficient but are not show boating the entire album which is refreshing. They used their skills to write an awesome and diverse record and took it to the next level exactly when it was appropriate.