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Momentous achievements amongst much filler - 75%

Reaper, November 15th, 2006

I’m thrilled that I was able to obtain this album, not because it’s perfect but rather that it offers and array of songs that make the album worthwhile. The production is the magic behind this piece of underrated Black Metal, although many different factors contribute to this record’s uniqueness, the analog recording adds to the eeriness of the atmosphere. Though generally this record is very decent, it suffers in that filler songs outweigh the great mind altering tracks. These tracks set the atmosphere perfectly with a unique fusion of production and almost under tonal guitars and repetitive drilling at points.

The music ranges from quietly eerie melodies and similarly eerie vocals complimented with soft guitar undertones, to heavy riffage, and an almost dirty heavy metal feel to it at times, complimented with softly creepy vocals. Certain tracks are simply chaotic black metal, coincidentally these are the more forgettable tracks, others contain elements of ambience and then develop into a faster paced riff barrage, while yet others can only be described as frightening. This especially applies to both “Ishkur Egishnugal” tracks as well as the Jacula (a progressive rock band in the line of Devil Doll) cover that carry with them a hauntingly eerie vocal performance. One of the more outstanding aspects is that the vocalist doesn’t have a good voice or singing ability, but that it matches the music perfectly and, inadvertently or not, does for a disturbing experience. The vocals, throughout most of the tracks, are done in such a manner that they echo and create a double vocal assault that conjures up a mesmerizing hypnosis of mind altering proportions.

Overall the album is recommended as you’re still getting a hefty amount of amazing Black Metal. The better songs on this album are momentous and bring me optimism to the possibility that Black Metal is still alive somewhere.