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Ha, Satan a Saint - 50%

oneyoudontknow, December 1st, 2014

Obscure shit … and definitely based in the underground. It is a confusing mixture of elements that have been merged together somehow. Keyboards have been thrown into the mess for no apparent reason, as had been the case with the second track on this recording – Maklu Ina Shi Abnu, Asaru (Eribu, Ningishzidda); a nearly acoustic instrumental, whose part remains unclear as do so many other aspects on this recording. There are some references to Emperor's In the Nightside Eclipse in the fourth track, but without coming over as convincing.

Yamatu's music is raw and unpolished. It is a mixture of elements, but without any consideration of the effects. There is punk, there is black metal, there is a bit of thrash metal. It is a lot and not much at the same time. For instance, those multiple layers of vocals are strange and difficult to follow or enjoy. Whilst the music has some nice moments and may have only been in need of some additional polishing or arranging, the vocals ruin it to a considerable amount. Their sound and style do not come over as something that would support the music. This speaking, squeaking and screaming is, on the hand too much at once and too little in the end. This part annoys the moment one has to listen to it and the longer the tape takes the more tiring this attempt of trying to be different tends to come over.

Yamatu's Anna shi, asatta feels rushed and thrown out to the masses because it is possible to do so. It reaches out to the symphonic branch and to slight aggressive black metal as well. Compared with other outputs from the underground one has to acknowledge a certain potential in the writing skill and in arranging of ideas, but too little effort and energy had been put into this release in order to leave a lasting impression and to spark any kind of fascination. It lacks power, it lacks energy, while it has a superfluous of annoying elements.