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Epic Doom Yay - 89%

caspian, October 10th, 2006

I never heard of Yob, but when looking through a music store, the pretty cool artwork caught my eye, and I thought man.. 4 songs and it's a full length? That sounded promising, because most doom fans would know that the longer the songs, the more awesome the album is. (Most of the Time, anyway). In the end, I've very glad that I bought this album, because it's a massive album full of awesome doom riffs, Sabbath worship and general big riffing-ness.

Yob are very good songwriters, as nothing in here gets remotely boring. The guitars sound suitably gigantic, and while the rythym section aren't the most creative in the world, they keep up a lot of noise, and keep the songs going. Also, they sound awesome, which the drums full of punch and power, locking in tightly. The vocals are fairly old-school, there's some screaming, but also some cool high pitched vocals. They fit perfectly in with the riffs.

It's kind of hard to talk about the songs, because while there is variety, they all work in a similar kind of way. Nonetheless, they are all awesome. The Mental Tyrant has a trippy yet undeniably beautiful intro, and even though it's 21 minutes long, you won't get bored at all. Grasping for Air is slow, suffocating doom with the riffs crawling on at a pretty slow tempo, while Kosmos is probably the heaviest here, just full of massive, mid-paced riffs with some awesome sung vocals at the 7.30 mark fitting perfectly. One of the good things about Yob is the way they deploy their riffs. They never wear a riff out, but when they play a particularly awesome riff, they'll stick on it for a while and let it develop properly. Really, the songwriting is awesome. Also, the singer/guitarst knows exactly when to sing, when to scream, and when not to say anything. That's a highly underrated skill, and it sounds awesome.

Really, I'd like to do a much longer review, because Yob are deserving of some in-depth analysis, but listening to this for a while fries your brain. Nonetheless, this is classic doom with a bit of a progressive side attached to it, and Yob deliver the goods perfectly. THe drums are heavy and pounding, the guitars and bass are both loud and super heavy, and the songs are massive without ever sounding remotely boring. This is Doom done to perfection. I know I keep on using the word Awesome, but yeah, this is awesome. Essential for all Doom fans.