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Filthy Brilliant Grind and what did you expect?? - 90%

hellhippie, June 26th, 2009

Xysma's Swarming of the Maggots demo was made during the undergounds early years . This once great band, to those that know their music contributed a heavy morbid style that was, along with Finland's Disgrace, England's Carcass and Sweden's General Surgery uniquely their own at the time . Xysma along with those previously mentioned bands were one of the finest (and first) purveyors of gore drenched filthy death metal that the early scene had ever or has ever encountered . Only years later when their early efforts became more readily available via the internet and online auction sites would this band be revered for what many of us in the scene had known for quite some time and that was these guys were GODS .

Now while many a Xysma fan out there knows the greatness that is their brilliant "Above the Mind of Morbidity" e.p. and their epic "Fata Morgana" 7" many will not know about their demo "Swarming of the Maggots" based solely on rarity (at the time of release) and availability these days . While those efforts contain brilliant song structures , and well thought out riff work that is very reminiscent of early Pungent Stench and Disastrous Murmur, what we have here is a much more stripped down bare bones approach to the macabre morbid way this band delivered a song .

The filthy production on this sick deranged output hits the listener in the face with a controlled chaotic feeling that stays firmly in place throughout the duration of the demo . The guitar and bass are well produced in the slower sections of the songs but when sped up to a frenzy (which is quite often I might add) they do almost get lost in the mix . Do not take this statement as a down fall of this demo because to have it any other way would completely ruin the overall feeling that was produced here . After all these guys grind it out with a sickness only previously heard via Napalm Death and early Carcass and as an added bonus even do an amazing cover of "Deceiver" off of Napalm Death's brilliant Scum album . When Xysma are playing the putrid evil sounding slower riffs, they are seething with as much evilness and morbidity as one could possibly imagine . When they blaze through a song at breakneck speed it can get sloppy but that seems to be exactly the vibe they were going for and it works so so well .

The vocals are a cornucopia of guttural vomiting lows and pitch shifted warped mid range slightly higher accented ones used perfectly to create a sick psychotic death-filled vibe . The drums are once again a bit sloppy at times but still are just a perfect delivered contribution as to what this great band was trying to create here . Most of the songs clock in at only under a minute even though there are a few that do have the more common Xysma duration time of one and a half to two and a half minutes .

This demo is much more of a straight forward malevolent grind release than some of their latter efforts but it is in no way shape or form any less inferior . This is just a more straight forward kick in the head than most fans of this band are used to . The songs themselves contain the old usual grind formula of a slow evil riff, grind it out for 45 seconds and then the song is over .On their two releases after this the songs are just a bit more intricate and well thought out . Being this bands first and only demo it is an amazing effort from this band that still holds up it's filthy brilliant morbid vibe today as it did the day it was released in 1989 . If you are a fan of old school disgusting grind than look for this now but if your a fan of what this once great band would become than go fucking shoot your self in the balls with a shotgun because to this old school death metal worshiper you've probably been a pussy your whole life anyway, you might as well own one . SERIOUSLY.......This one's a keeper .