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Xerión - Nocturnal Misantropia review - 95%

lordnausea, November 9th, 2007

Xerion is a spanish black metal band which since 2001 has recorded quite material. “Nocturnal misantropia” is from my point of view their definitive step to find the sound they where looking for and, almost I like a lot earlier works as “A arpa do guerreiro”, this album is the best material of this band.

For this album the band gets Aboriorth as drummer and it has a clear effect in the sound of the band in a positive way. The riffs of this album are very good, with a intense atmosphere of darkness really catchy and powerful. The drums are simply perfect, vocals very dark and well worked and to complete the sound some keyboards to create more depth in the sound. The production is very good too, all the instruments are very clear. The whole is a high quality black metal full of feeling and memorable atmospheres.

“Nocturnal misantropia” and “Na traza esotérica…” are both my favorites of this albums, greats examples of the great level that this band has reach . But the rest are great songs too: “Aqueles que nos deixan…” is the most atmospheric and dark , “No pazo derruido…” a intense and fast black metal song , and the last one “No val do silencio” is the most pagan and epic oriented song remembering me the old material of this band.

Xerion with this album has reach a definitive position in the most important Spanish black metal bands. “Nocturnal misantropia” is a really good album.