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Xenos A.D. - Filthgrinder

Raw and interesting ebut - 82%

spookymicha666, June 9th, 2024
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

“Filthgrinder“ is the debut of the Italian-based band Xenos which was released back in 2020. And that debut is quite a good start for the guys. Although the sound is a little bit tinny and unbalanced it is quite interesting to see the way they offer their music and you can clearly see into which direction the guys want to go. On the other hand the raw sound matches quite good to this music because it gives it some kind of 80s flair. Here and there you find some more straight-into-the-face thrash metal and sometimes the whole thing is more technical. Summed up came out a highly interesting mixture that still left some space to evolve for the band but for sure shows up that this band is kind of hidden gem in the scene.

The intro “Soldados” pretends some balladesque, slight mediterranean tendencies in the music but with the title track you soon find out that there is more thrash than anything else to find here. This one is offering some really solid thrash stuff in the vein of old Megadeth with some more groovy elements. Especially the drums and Ignazios vocals sound very powerful and the technical guitar riffs are nice to hear.

“Birth Of A Tyrant” goes more into the Slayer direction back when they did “Seasons In The Abyss”. The pace reminds much of “Mandatory Suicide” (also the lyrics). But again, in the Xenos' music are much more groovy parts to find. What I personally really like are the tempo changes in the song and the short guitar riffs after each verse. This one turned out to be a cool banger and one of my favorite ones on the album.

“Iconoclast” shows a more melodic side of the band where they almost start like a very well-known NWoBHM band that unfortunately released two very long and mediocre albums the last years (although Per from Hellbutcher has a total different opinion about hat). In that song you can hear again that old Megadeth had a huge influence on the guys (try to find out which riff I mean). So it is kind of self-explaining that they covered their heroes. “Peace Sells…But Who's Buying” has become a very close version to the original. I personally am totally fine with that because when I think about some cover versions where it's enough to roll my toes curl, I really prefer no experiments.

And finally they increase speed for the grand finale “Of Magma And War”. Ignazio is screaming out his lungs here like Tom Araya did and this one turned out to a real thrash inferno. Hypnotic and repetitive riffs in the song make this one to another really good one to bang to and once again, talking about the guitar riffs, you can see the skills of Guiseppe very clear and with that the opportunity the band has in the future.

The only small point of criticism is that, apart from all the aggressiveness in Ignazios voice, his range is a little bit limited because he is singing mostly in the same pitch. Some more higher or lower tunes would maybe stress out his words a little bit more. If you know the Swedes from My Regime you probably know what I mean.

But all in all came out a really good debut and with “The Dawn Of Ares” which was released just one year later they went on a step further. Check them out, you won't do anything wrong with that.

Rating: 8,2 out of 10

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