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Talk about "intensity" - 88%

Milo, October 29th, 2007

“Necrophilia Mon Amour” teaches how to craft an album based on mixed genres. However, this is not an easy task. A lot of albums just fail when they try their hand even at simpler ideas, like a black/death or thrash metal amalgam. Frequently, these attempts sound contrived, too worried about making each genre distinct, resulting at loss of cohesion (Hi Belphegor). Sometimes, “Tara” doesn’t sound nearly as black as I’d want.

There’s hope, though. The way NMA combines black metal and death metal is absolutely astonishing and incredibly natural. There’s no choppy arranging of sections or predictable structures (think of “fast blackish riffs as verses, culminating in a heavy, anticlimactic death metal-based chorus, just to show a band can play both genres”). One of the reasons why the interaction is excellent is because of the use of similar guitar tone and techniques for both parts (a lot of tremolo strumming to be found here). Besides that, little rhythm tricks such as the use of counterparts and fills are really efficient at granting fluency to such a busy and hectic album. Everything is so tight, but not to the point of becoming unnatural. Just listen to an album like “Goatreich – Fleshcult” and then listen to this.

Although the guitar work is not complex to the point of being called “technical”, its effectiveness can’t be denied. Blackened, atmospheric tremolo excerpts are successful at developing an unrelenting pace. No waste of time here; everything seems to happen quickly, as the music overpowers and engulfs the listener into an almost… rainy maelstrom of dark emotions. As recommended by good death metal, the songs are composed by many different sections and a lot of them are composed by very compelling, chugging riffs (the track “Lues” is a good example). The drumming is also responsible for all of this cohesion and restlessness. Even if the patterns used aren’t adventurous, there’s a lot of speed, the intensity goes thru the roof and the drummer manages to keep everything tied up. It’s kinda hard to explain, but the album seems to be happening under a terrible downpour at late night. “Necrophilia Mon Amour” is constant, atmospheric and immersive. Blackened elevator metal this isn’t.

Consistent and INTENSE all the way to the end, “Necrophilia Mon Amour” is a great album. Not just “solid”, but really impressive and also a proof that equilibrium can be reached when mixing different genres. When’s the new Xenomorph coming out by the way? I can’t wait.