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Very refreshing stuff - 96%

HEADTHRASHER, February 13th, 2006

This disc begins without mercy, no intro nor anything, the devastation of this chaotic quintet assaults you without hesitation with "Inside Teradome", it’s a technical Brutal Death Metal very brushed (taking for granted that the recording and the production are insurmountable), with many tempos, fresh and wild riffs, excellent theme to begin this overkill disc; we continue with "Neon Black Stronghold", is violent but in a very versatile and creative form, which is not common in these times, first big goal of the UHBW (division of FREEBIRD RECORDS for Metal bands) with this bestial album.

The third theme is "Treblinka" that is more oriented to Black Metal, is really admirable, it seemed the lost song of infernal "The Secrets of the Black Arts" by DARK FUNERAL but with a Death touch quite XENOMORPH. We continue with the song that gives title to this torture "Necrophilia Mon amour ", is a little slower and has melodic parts, but anything out of place, everything makes sense.

Track five is titled "In Flagrant Delicto", lasts 43 seconds and works like "intermission", here we listened only to a storm in the distant and yells of a woman that in the end are confused with the macabre laughter of some grotesque being. The following hymn is "Lues", we received more dose of good Death Metal in the vein of MORBID ANGEL, KRISIUM and MORTICIAN to later pass to a slower theme "Magnificat, my soul doth magnify the lord", but that soon is transformed into a total blood bath, here you will be able to listen to old school riffs in addition of changes in the bass-drums rhythm truly remarkable.

The eighth ritual takes by title "Samedii", in fact at this point you are absolutely annihilated by this reign of terror or you will be irremediably with the following theme "Hang em' high on holocaust stakes of frozen methane", Black Metal reminiscences, exciting riffs; more or less in the middle of the theme it returns to a slow tempo and a cleaner sound, creating a Black Metal atmosphere that starting from there inserts fast and slow tempos to finish in a very ethereal way.

It closes this tyrant jewel the theme "Dellamorte Dellamore", song quite related with the first theme, closing therefore the circle. I am absolutely surprised by the talent of these Dutch; they demonstrate fully that the brutality is not excuse for the lack of technique, creativity and audacity. I had not feel not even a little moment of monotony or boring while listening to the admirable "Necrophilia Mon amour".