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Well worth the 5 year wait - 94%

TommyA, March 8th, 2012

"Neverworld's End" is the latest album from Xandria, a band I feared was turning into the new Lacuna Coil. Their previous offering made me lose interest in the band, but I figured I would give their new album a listen. This sounds nothing at all like older Xandria and is probably their heaviest offering to date.

As we all know, Lisa is only a live vocalist now *insert sadness here*. I dare say this new vocalist is about ten times better than her. Kraller's vocals are exceptionally clear, especially when compared to other female metal vocalists, and her vocal range is quite impressive. She can switch between ranges and still be 100% clear. I feel this is what most metal bands lack at the moment. Ten points to Xandria for this.

The album, in a nutshell, is heavy, dramatic, and a whole lot of fun. I would say it's like Kamelot's "Ghost Opera" meets Nightwish's "Century Child", while still not straying away from their Celtic roots ("The Dream Is Alive", "Call of the Wind"). Tracks like the opener are exceptionally powerful and highlight the band's talent and Kraller's vocal ability.

I would recommend this to Nightwish, Kamelot, and Epica fans and the like. This album is definitely the one to beat this year for symphonic metal bands. Highlights: "A Prophecy of Worlds to Fall", "Euphoria", and "Blood on my Hands". However, the entire album is more or less grand and no track is weaker than the other. It is a very solid release from Xandria, and I am officially a fan.