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Another great X Japan album! - 85%

TheOnlyMAD, November 27th, 2006

Since no one reviewed this album yet, I decided to review it. I'm very far from a professional reviewer, but I'll do my best.

X Japan's third studio album is very good like the previous two, but not as good for a few reasons.

This album is very different from Vanishing Vision and Blue Blood. The production is a lot better (which is good since the sound quality on Vanishing Vision and Blue Blood was pretty bad) and the music sounds more hard rockish and 90's (which isn't a bad thing at all since its good, but I preferred the more speed metalish sound). The songs on here are mostly very good, but there are some weird songs and that's why I gave the album 85/100. There are two very good ballads on here: Voiceless Screaming and Say Anything. Voiceless Screaming is really one of the best songs on the album because its very, very sad, the vocals sound really melancholic and the guitar riffs are very dark sounding. Say Anything sounds a lot like Endless Rain from the previous album (in sound I mean) and that's a good thing, its a very catchy ballad, its not metal at all, but who cares? Anyway, the best song on here is easily Silent Jealousy which is one of X Japan's best songs. Period. Its the only song on the album that sounds a lot in sound like the songs from the two previous album. Its is very fast, very melodic, very catchy and simply awesome. The other songs, except one weird track (Love Replica) and one useless track (White Wind From Mr. Martin), are also very good, but more hard rock than metal. They sound like a mix of Helloween, early Motley Crue and early Maiden (Iron Maiden and Killers). Desperate Angel, Miscast and Stab Me In The Back are very heavy, but have a few hard rockish parts while Joker is more funny/happy sounding like some of Helloween's songs (Dr. Stein and Rise And Fall) and some of Gamma Ray's songs (Hold Your Ground and Free Time). Overall, all of the songs are very good except the two useless songs that I've mentionned.

Anyway, Jealousy, just like X Japan's entire discography (studio and live albums), is worth checking out. I would recommend the two previous albums(Vanishing Vision and Blue Blood) at first, but any fan of those two should love this album.

Next 'real' studio album, Dahlia, is very good aswell and also very different.