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Some of the best J-Metal - 96%

Heavy_Metal_Gargoyle, May 7th, 2005

This album would've gotten a 100 if it didn't have songs like Easy Fight Rambling and Celebration, both corny Poison sounding songs, but all the other songs, to the best of my knowledge, are amazing! Though X's debut album is a stronger effort this album is very close in that they both have amazing guitar and drums. Hide is easily one of the best guitarists in J-Metal and Yoshiki is one of the best drummers I've ever seen! The guy just doesn't run out of energy, he'll double bass you to death! Songs like Week End and X are very catchy and will stay in your head for awhile. Then you have Rose of Pain, an epic track that has some fine soloing! If you find this album buy it! You really can't go wrong with it, there are some sleeper tracks but the strong ones more than make up for them.

So in closing, put down the Mountain Dew, undo your bungie rope and take out the Morbid Angel CD, just take a break from being totally X-treme and give it a listen!