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What the hell was that? - 32%

music_shadowsfall, April 20th, 2004

X Japan may be the most screwed up metal band I have ever heard. I don't quite know what it is... sometimes there's some kick ass power metal going on here, and the next it sounds like I'm listening to some shitty pop song off the radio.

The song starts off extremely slowly, with a shitload of crappy keyboard and a lot of terrible vocals.. I don't get the vocalist. He reminds me of Celine Dion or some other crappy female pop vocalist. At around the 3:00 minute mark, we actually hear from the guitars, who do give us a nice lead, and then a cool riff. Unfortunately, soon the vocalist kicks in, and as is his wont, he sucks. We get to another pretty good solo, then more shitty vocals, and they pretty much go like that until around 13:00 (there are a couple of nice solos in there). At this time, the guitars dissapear. Hugass mistake. We get treated to two minutes of bad keyboards and singing before going into the stupidest idea ever created by a metal band: A 9 minute piano solo. What the hell were they thinking? I have nothing against piano solos. However, this one sucks, and goes on for way too long. For example, there's one part where the pianist seems to be just hitting a bunch of notes together randomly. Brilliant. The piano solo ends, and then the vocalist manages to finish the song off badly for us with more Celine Dion vocals.

I don't know who would enjoy this. The only saving factor it has is that some of the guitar solos throughout are pretty good. I guess if you enjoy Celine Dion, stupid piano solos and terrible keyboards, you will enjoy this. The rest should stay clear.