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X-Cops Patrol Your Streets Tonight! - 100%

Sexecutioner, April 10th, 2007

In the mid 90s, GWAR formed the X-Cops as a side project.

The sound, as with most GWAR albums, is hard to pin down. It's thrashy and punkish at the same time. It's heavier than what GWAR was doing at the time of its release. Also like GWAR, excellent use is made of samples courtesy of Dave Musel, or Philip McRevis as he's known in X-Cops. The bass on the album is very prominent which gives it a cool sound. The guitar work is done by Mike Derks (a.k.a. Balsac the Jaws of Death / Louis Scrapinetti) and Pete Lee (a.k.a. Flattus Maximus / Al Depantsia). Drums are handled by Mike Dunn (as Cadet Billy Club), who throws in a healthy dose of double-bass.

Most of the songs are sung by Sheriff Tubb Tucker (Casey Orr a.k.a. Beefcake the Mighty). He sounds absolutley badass on this album, with some of his best moments coming in “Welcome to New Jersey”, “3rd Leg”, “You Fucked Up”, and “5-0”.

Other members get their chance at lead vocals as well. Bassist Cobb Knobbler (Dave Brockie a.k.a. Oderus Urungus) sings “The Party's Over” introducing himself as the “Bay Area gay Aryan”. Bob Gorman, one of the leading prop fabricators for GWAR, takes on the role of Zipper Pig for his namesake song. Mountain Bike Officer Biff Buff (Brad Roberts, a.k.a. Jizmak da Gusha) takes lead vocals on “Bar Bells”, which is probably my personal favorite track on the album. That being said, it's hard to pick a definite favorite because the whole album kicks ass. They even throw in a great cover of “Highway Star”, with some lyrical alterations to fit the X-Cops concept.

Absolutely essential for GWAR fans, and highly recommended for fans of punk and thrash.