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Excellence, pt. 2 - 95%

webermg, July 1st, 2004

Given how impressed I was with Vargtimmen pt. 1, I was uneasy about part 2. Fears of disappointment led me to hope for more of the same. I didn't get more of the same, but neither was I disappointed.

Vargtimmen pt. 2 begins with The Wicker Man, which is unlike anything that appeared on Vargtimmen pt. 1. It's slower, doomier, and shows more of a death influence. I wasn't sure how much I liked it at first, but now I consider it a highlight. Fans of previous albums need not worry though, The Pale And The Dead resumes the faster, depressive vibe.

All in all though, there is more variety to be found on this album, such as a couple of instrumentals, and another slow, plodding piece Cold, Son Of The Wind. Narqath's clean singing has improved, and gotten clearer. Additionally, the lyrics are based more on hatred rather than nature-worship, although that theme shows up on a few songs. The production is much the same as the last, though I think the guitars have gotten crunchier.

In sum, this is another spellbinding album from Wyrd. Songs like Ominous Insomnia and Ghost of Winter continue the style of previous albums while the aforementioned The Wicker Man shows a willingness to experiment a little. Special mention should also be made of the closing instrumental Deception, which is one of the best I've heard. Highly recommended.