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Nothing Ventured... - 75%

XuL_Excelsi, November 26th, 2009

This album is the first I’ve heard from Wykked Wytch, and it makes a good initial impression.

The first aspect of the music that caught my attention is the guitaring. All the songs showcase incredibly well-composed guitar and bass. Lots of tremolo-picking and even a few basic acoustic interludes punctuate this impressive album. Overall, the guitaring forms the basis of the sound, and it leads the music well. The keyboards feature less prominently, but that’s the way it should be, tastefully done.

The drums are nothing to write home about, but it suits the music well, carrying the songs effortlessly. Now, there are a few negative things that need to be mentioned. The vocals are certainly not the best I’ve heard. Her voice is only capable of forced grunts and the odd scream. Being littered with all-too-audible breathing and other painful sounds, it’s all a little too Slipknot for my liking.

In addition to the weak vocals, the “eerie” atmosphere and lame lyrics are unconvincing to say the least. There’s no innovation going on here, but the strong instrumental composition is enough to keep you listening. The overall effect might be better suited to listeners who are new to the genre, looking for an introduction to extreme metal with enough naivety to keep them inside their comfort zone. Not a bad effort though, worth borrowing or downloading if your Cradle of Filth albums are getting stale.