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A unique mixture of genres - 98%

Largos, December 25th, 2006

Wutheringht Heights is a really unique band. They play Power Metal, but not your typical Power Metal. It's actually Progressive Power Metal. Well, it has some Neoclassic elements. It has also folk elements (celtic ones), and uses some folk instruments on some songs. The ballad of the album even begins with a celtic chant that could comefrom a Chieftain album. So Neoclassic Folk Progressive Power Metal. If that isn't enough, just know that the singer isn't generic, having a unique voice with an amazing range. Good beginning, uh?

Now, if you like that, the only thing left is the songwriting. And it's actually amazing. "Demon Desire" it's an amazing opener, with an amazing use of keyboards, beginning the album with blasting Power Metal. "Envy" it's the most complete and progressive song. With amazing riffs, and at about 2:00, it speeds up, following a solo. Really cool and amazing. "Sleep" it's the only ballad of the album, very celtic oriented. The beginning could be extemely boring if you aren't used to celtic chants, and could be a skip track for most people. But check the extra fast solo. You didn't expect that, eh? Finally, "Carpe Noctum - Seize the Night" (what a cool name) has a solo with a neoclassic feeling.

This album, as the previous, also has a song with a second part. "Faith" and "Snow" are the "Apathy Divine duo". Compared to the "Longing for the Woods trio", this one it's much better. I don't see them so much connected musically, maybe it's just on the lyrics. But that's not bad, as it was quite annoying hearing the same chorus on three songs of the same album. To some people, that could be a bit pesky. "Faith" it's also the longest song on the album, and probably the folkiest one. There is an amazing folky riffing at about 4:05, that's is as good as the one on the "Herne's Prophecy" of the previous album. "Snow", even though it isn't as good, it's another highlight of the album.

This is, with no doubt, the best album of the band. In "Far from the Maddening Crowd" there was the amazing blend of genres, but it was an album that could bore after too many listens. This album still manages to sound fresh after a lot of listens, which if you didn't know, it's a good thing.

The only flaw I see on the album it's that the only ballad, "Sleep", it's inferior to both ballads of the previous album. If there was another "Lament for Lorien" or the like on this album, it could have got the perfect rating. Even though, extremely recommended to any metalhead.