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Nothing Special - 65%

violentrestitution, November 26th, 2011

Throughout this bands career it seems their gimmick is to make overly obscene and offensive music, while that can be fine in its own right, when bands seem to think this automatically makes any music they put out "good" that's where the problem lies. I'm not even talking about the cheesy over the top album art, the song titles, or the lyrics. Just the way the band sounds, the vocals are a sort of forced hybrid of death metal and black metal purges, and growls, guitars are sometimes generic chugging riffs with horribly stale sounding drum production. They need to give it a little more than "just being brutal"

Being a "super group" that this band is, you may expect some seriously killer riffs. In reality, this isn't really the case. There are some good moments, for instance Rescued by Oblivion, but for the most part you get half-assed chugging, horribly generic songwriting, and lame transitions into merely average solo's. This wouldn't be so bad if the production wasn't so...bad. It's just stale. Flat. Boring. The guitars are thick, pack a punch, but that's..really it. Its kind of just there, its very clean and I'm not sure if it works on this particular release. The snare drum is very tight and ticks along throughout the whole thing. Bass is audible at parts, but only at certain parts. Basically when the bassist feels the need to show off a bass line in the introduction of some songs, but not much else.

As I said before about the vocals, they're actually good. A varied mix between Maniac (ex Mayhem) and Killjoy (ex Necrophagia) which is where the death/black vocals come into play. They work pretty well here. Although I'm not quite sure if I would classify this as Black metal, perhaps maybe death/thrash? It doesn't really matter, but this does not feel like black metal in any sense to me. You get some short spoken part/clean vocals on Son of Man that is kinda neat, wish there was more of that.

Really theres not much to say about this release, I just feel that the riffs in particular are boring, uninspired, stale, and generic. The tracks aren't really varied, they all start and stop with the same formula except for maybe one or two tracks that start with some odd clean guitar tone, then quickly jumps back to your chugging generic death metal riffing. This album brings nothing new and doesn't do what is already been done well. It almost feels like the band listened to the Deathcrush EP a few dozen times, made an album comprised of being inspired by Deathcrush except with horribly clean generic production and bad riffs. Really, about 5 tracks in I was pretty bored and wanted to turn it off. Sure, you can tap your feet to it or something I guess, it just doesn't really excite beyond that point. You've heard it all before folks, pass on this one.

Bottom line: don't buy into gimmicks, you may be disappointed.