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I don't know, I like it - 81%

Madman, June 22nd, 2003

What happens when you get a black metal "super group"? A pretty damn good album. This is a pretty solid and quite fun black metal album. I've heard this referred to as a black metal party album... I'd say that's a fairly accurate description.

What we have are 8 very strong black metal songs focused more on rocking than anything else. I find it to be very good stuff. Killjoy (Necrophagia) and Maniac (Mayhem) both switch off songs and in a couple songs trade off vocals. It's fairly interesting and keeps things interesting vocally. The production is quite crisp, nothing like many of the more underground black metal bands. The music is quite catchy in an old school black metal way.

A few stand out songs are "At One With the Beast", "Satanic Utopia", "Cauterizing the Wounds of Christ", and the best song on the album "Buried Beneath Perversion".

Overall this album gets two thumbs up from me!