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Deviation and affirmation - 70%

we hope you die, January 12th, 2021

Melbourne’s Writhing landed their brief debut EP late in 2020 (the frantic January catchup continues), the two track ‘Eternalised in Rot’. It’s a solid rendering of where modern death metal is at the moment; at least outside of the overtly technical or caverncore orientated school. They combine nods (or rather windmills) to the colossus that is Incantation, mixed in with a pronounced dissonance. This latter element is a recurring theme that commentates on the conventional riffing, as opposed to dictating the entire basis for these compositions.

The guitar tone is fairly unremarkable, but this allows Writhing to unfold their tapestry of riffs before the listener without distraction. Vocals are a clear, guttural growl, with any treatment in mixing being barely noticeable. Drums offer a tight and characterful commentary on the shifts and transitions of the guitars. Although the performance cannot be faulted, the kick drum is rendered just a little too high in the mix, to the point where it drowns out the snare and toms at times, and even rises above the dominant guitars in the slower passages concocted of ringing chords and drum fills.

That aside however, these two tracks are broad in scope and varied in execution. Despite their influences and techniques being garden variety for death metal circa 2020, they work in some unexpected deviations from the norm; nods to prog, occasional odd chord shapes, fluid arrangements. This drags ‘Eternalised to Rot’ to a level a cut above the current crop in this field, and makes Writhing a death metal act worth paying attention to. Hopefully elaborations abound in the near future on this compact and efficacious little EP.

Originally published at Hate Meditations