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Hymns to our Great Aryan Father! - 95%

kveldulf88, July 11th, 2007

As a big fan of the Wotanorden horde, I had very high expectations for this album. I heard the track 'Beyond Frozen Shores" before the album was released, and to be honest I thought that the band may have lost their touch. Nevertheless, I got the album right away, and was very relieved at how good it is.
Aryan Culture Preservation starts out with a beautiful acoustic guitar and flute (or whistle) intro. The first "real" track of the album, "Sky Cloaked Wanderer" comes in fast, and very epic. Jorgen's trademark background Bathory-esque "humming" comes in with the drums, and sounds as majestic as ever! Aryan Culture Preservation drives on, with a viking, folky, and even neo-classical feel, but at the same time, a fast, harsh black metal sound. The formula doesn't change much until the track "Sowilo". "Sowilo" is a short, more trance like, slumber inducing song. Jorgen's humming and assertive poetic speech giving over top of this track is a good example of Wotanorden's unique style.
The next track, "Oracle of the Oak" is, in my humble opinion, the best track on the album. This song is not too fast, very folkish and gives the listener the image of a viking standing on a mountain, calling to Wotan for help to defeat his enemies (or something like this). The album finishes off with a few more great tracks, and leaves you with an urge to take to the woods with a sword.
I don't think that this album can be accurately compared to Wotanorden's first effort, From the Storm Come the Wolves, because they are two very different albums. ACP is a more mature, revised Wotanorden, but lacks some of the raw power and hatred from their first album. Wotanorden is a very unique and great band, and I would reccomend this album to anyone interested in Pagan/Viking/Folk metal or NSBM.