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Wort - Wort's n'All!

Basement Beers And Lingering Bong Smoke - 70%

Thumbman, December 12th, 2013

Possessing an ugly demeanour, Wort's lumbering sludge-laden doom is unsurprisingly unwashed. This has low production values, but it's hard to argue that it fits the sound. Disciples in all that is doomy, these lads play a relatively even split between your run-of-the-mill doom, sludge and even stoner. If this sound is one of your niches of choice, you certainly have heard something very similar to this before. Despite that, Wort are definitely solid at what they do - something that can't always be said for an emerging band's first attempt. As someone who definitely digs this aesthetic, I have to say despite not being the most original, I did find this rather enjoyable.

This EP has a very loose drinking beer and jamming in the basement sort of vibe to it. Not that they don't know what they're doing, of course - while relatively simple throughout, these guys aren't hacks and what they're going for certainly doesn't call for complicated instrumentation. Being sludgy and giving off the vibe that the said basement they're jamming in has a sizeable marijuana cloud lingering near the ceiling, some of the usual culprits can be detected in the sound. Electric Wizard, Bongzilla and Eyehategod have almost certainly been on heavy rotation with these dudes. In fact there's a riff on "Bog Eye" that sounds really like the opening riff to Bongzilla's "Amerijuanican" (not close enough to be blatant plagiarism or anything like that, though).

In most cases I'd say the drums would need better production. The recording quality on them are pretty rough. However, it fits the rotten sound. The only exception to this is when the fast double bass drumming comes in on "Bog Eye". It just doesn't sound convincing with the production they have here. Another area that should be improved is the guitar tone. There's nothing wrong with it - it even totally fits the sound. It's definitely dirty enough, although if it was beefed up and a bit thicker it would be exactly what their sound needs and bring them to the next level. What they don't need to work on, however, is the bass lines. Shit, son - in a lot of places what the bass is doing is a lot more interesting than whatever riff the guitar is playing. There's this really cool moment in "plumplestiltskin" (been hitting the bong a lot, eh guys?) where a simple, decent enough riff is doing its thing and the bass snaking around underneath it easily steals the show.

If you're into the three bands I referenced as influences, go ahead and give this a spin. It can't hurt. While it might not be the best thing you'll hear in the style (keep in mind that this is the band's first release), they are very dependable at delivering a solid performance. What I find kind of charming about these guys is how it feels like I'm at a de-facto basement show with a cheap beer in my hand. I think I'll keep my eyes on Wort; this ain't bad at all for a small first offering.