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Great, For A Start - 83%

Inoculated_Life, July 7th, 2011

Wormrot are definitely a well-known grind band to the fans of the genre. This EP should definitely be in the hands of those fans. This EP is filled with 14 songs of straight grind that will rip your face off after one listen. It's definitely got that raw sound that makes grindcore awesome.

The production quality of this album is what it should be, not perfect but still listenable. This is just an EP so maybe that is the reason for the quality being how it is, compared to their actual full length albums. In any case, all the instruments can be heard on this EP and that is all we need, right? We don't need some perfectly produced release because that's not what grind is, it is supposed to be raw and just in your face. This EP release definitely qualifies as in your face grind.

The music on this EP is definitely grind, every song is short and straight to the point, grinding your face off. The songs are filled with blasting and tons of slowed down parts which I call "tough parts." The vocals are sort of unlike the vocals in their later releases, it seems Arif goes with a lot of pig squealing style vocals, which are not the best but it still fits with the music. The vocals are the only real difference from any of their later stuff, and the snare is very tingy sounding but amazing still.

Stand out tracks "Uncovered And Proud As Fuck" "Violate The Dead" Fuck... I'm Drunk" among of course every other song on this EP.