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Utter Dark - 95%

igglyjubbo, February 16th, 2017

It is very rare that one will find an album that is crushingly packed with emotion and makes the head spin with dizzying possibilities. Equally as rare, are albums that can shift one's understanding of music as a medium. Rarer, is a gem that can do both.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Wormphlegm's masterpiece in macabre, "Tomb Of The Ancient King". Absolutely overflowing with malcontent and hatred, this hour long slog comprises just three songs, each as gruesome and bleak as the last, although my personal favorite is "Epejumalat..." While this is described as funeral doom, I find it is in a whole league of it's own in terms of grimness and seething hatred. The picture on the front conjures a fairly good picture of this album: Dark, lonely, cold, distant, and empty. I still haven't had the courage to listen to this album absolutely alone, in a good, dark setting in the cold. Perhaps a cemetery mid-winter. I am simply terrified I will attempt to take my own life with this blasting at full volume.

I realize this may sound like a lot of hype to fall on this album, and I for one detest hype. I will describe the sound plainly from now on, but I suggest you pull this album up on youtube and listen as you read.

I think this has a sort of nightmarish texture to it. Distant, but real. Kind of sucking you in deeper and deeper. I'm not sure why exactly, I've never considered myself a musician, but a dreary dream-like feeling can be best associated with this work. The vocals sound inhumane. I mean just tortured and strangled. It is easy to believe the rumors that this band really did self harm while producing this work. The guitars push along at a slow speed, faster than most funeral doom, but not quick enough to be considered anything but. The riffs just plow along slowly, minding their own business I suppose, treating the listener with indifference, not caring if you like their ugly, emptiness. Making you feel insignificant, small. Worthless.The drums are also very slow. Crashing away in the background. Complementing the vocals and guitar. Mainly the vocals. They are the main part in any case. The screams, as I stated previously, are absolute insanity.

This album is best enjoyed in a cold cemetery, alone at night during a particularly depressing time in your life. Keep all sharp objects away.