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Wormlust- The Wormlust Collective - 78%

stenchofishtar, December 17th, 2013

Wormlust is a one-man act coming originally from Reykjavik in Iceland, but now are based in London. ’The Wormlust Collective’ brings together three demo recordings put out between 2009 and 2011.

For a style that has been made popular of late by the more avant-garde ventures of Blut Aus Nord and Deathspell Omega, this demo compilation works very well as each of the individual pieces represent a well thought out and executed distribution of ideas, but thankfully never stay around for longer than expected. When a crescendo is reached, a new section begins and creates new momentum.

Although ‘The Wormlust Collective’ consists of three lengthy tracks, it would be crude to suggest that they denote entire songs. Rather each track is broken down into various movements that contrast in their aesthetic, but in spite of their progressive structure never cease to retain their hypnotic effect.

The material that make up the ‘Svarthol’ and ‘Seven Paths’ demos consist of a clear formula. Shimmering, psychedelic guitar lines clearly recall the work of Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins in their less poppy, more abstract moments. Their visceral side is essentially a hypnotic vortex of disorientating riffs that work themselves around odd, heavily syncopated time signatures, not too dissimilar to a cross between Blut Aus Nord and a more discernable version of Portal.

The influence of dark ambient music a la Lustmord works its way through. It is not as immersive as what influences it on account of it merely acting as an intermediate between other sequences in the compositions, in the manner of Leviathan or Lurker Of Chalice.

It is with the final track ‘The Opium Sleep’ that the electronic and ambient influence really takes itself off the ground. Like a cross between ‘The Place Where The Black Stars Hang’ and the more ominous moments of ‘Selected Ambient Works Vol. II’, it is vaguely melodic but not repeating phrases, and narrates a tonal journey through endless dark space.

Having not heard their debut full length ‘The Feral Wisdom’ as of yet, Wormlust exhibits great promise on this compilation.