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Overhyped, full of boring chugging - 65%

Ahmed_R, January 20th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Season of Mist (Digipak)

Wormed's third album starts off incredibly with "Pseudo-Horizon," beginning with a lightning fast riff that drops jaws when I play it for people and ending with a breakdown fit to have been on Exodromos.

Unfortunately, most of the rest of the album is just forgettable filler chugging. This album is comparable to Butchered at Birth in that you've got a band famous for their brutality and a fantastic album cover but no meat inside, just chugging that can't live up to the artwork.

There are surprising, good bits here and there, and you can hear things from both of their previous albums shining through. "The Singularitarianism" features a brief acoustic breakdown similar to what you heard on "Geodesic Dome"; "Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy" has that bass twang that underlined the title track "Planisphærium." Neither of those elements were used on Exodromos, so it's nice to hear them finally doing some Planisphærium-style stuff in such clear, professional production.

But things don't get that interesting again until track 6, "Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy", and the following song, "A-Omega Life Point." These sound exactly like what you'd expect three years after Exodromos, and the slow interlude afterwards has more sound effects in the background - whereas the interludes on Exodromos had guitar riffs in the background - making the whole track slower and colder. This calm-in-the-storm technique is a genuine improvement.

"Zeroth-Energy Graviton" directly evokes "Techkinox Wormhole" in all it's bizarreness and the album finishes with a sound-effect and sample laden outro track.

There are some really, really good things about this album - a strong opener and a solid block of what Wormed does best at the end. But there's so much in the middle I struggle to even comment on because it's so forgettable and I space out when listening to it, something I can't say about either of their previous albums. There are some callbacks to their first album and some improvements from their second, but overall this is my least favorite Wormed album.