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A tempting teaser from both bands - 84%

Mr_Allergic, September 16th, 2007

This split contains two tracks. One from Horna and one from Woods of Infinity.

Woods of Infinity:
The track from Woods of Infinity is called Lidande Upphöjt Till Två. This is a really great track and was the first song I heard from this band. It starts with a man saying something in Swedish. He says something about Satans power and how strong it is. The bass and guitar riffs are very depressive. Everything goes very slow, especially the drumming. The vocals sounds harsh, raw and tortured. In the middle of the song you can hear something that sounds like a person in pain, which adds really good depressive atmosphere to that part of the song. It's a really depressive and atmospheric song that I never grow tired of.

The track from Horna is called Juuret. The song starts very faint and low, like it's comming from a great distance, and then comes closer and closer. The riffs are a bit slow and quite depressive. It seems there are two vocals, one with a darker and harsher voice, and another in the background with a rather light and fierce voice. At the last part of the song, everything speeds up a bit. This is also one of the first songs I heard from this band, and I really liked it.