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Ten minutes of creative songwriting - 95%

PhantomMullet, December 7th, 2010

Frozen Nostalgia is a very unique and interesting release, even for Woods of Infinity's standards, a band that is known for being different than the rest. All we have here is two songs, but they sure are keepers.

What makes this release special is that the emotion displayed is straight to the point, but in a way, they also feel open-ended. There's a lot that can be said about the lyrics, themes, and style in particular.

The first song is "Summer is not my friend." At first, the song comes off as cheesy and some may even interpret it as a joke....perhaps attempting a parody of those Scandinavian black metal bands that prided on having the most frostbitten music around. Actually, there's a couple of interesting things going on. There's a strong sense of longing and nostalgia...the lyrics consist of rants about the narrator's past. When Ravenlord sings, he usually just goes continuously and it seems like he rarely pauses. Then again, there's sort of a happy feel to the song, when we get to the part where summer is starting to end and the first signs of winter are on the horizon, and most of the song does have this wintry-landscape atmosphere to it. There's like a transition from the idea that "your happiness is my unhappiness" to "your unhappiness is my happiness."

The second song is "Excursions in the Uncanny Valley." This track is a bit more mellow than the other one. You can really feel the themes of longing throughout the whole song. The idea of not possessing certain human traits (like feeling empathy) are told really well through the lyrics. Again, there's that wintery feel lingering about in the song. I guess the title "Frozen Nostalgia" could not have been more appropriate! This track isn't as memorable as the first one, but still very solid nonetheless.

Woods of Infinity shows they really know how to put all of these pieces together to get something really original sounding and unique. For that reason, they really do come off as artists capable of expressing so much without trying too hard. Whether you're a fan of this band or not, I still urge you to check out Frozen Nostalgia at least for the moods and emotions throughout...words can only describe it all so much. You'll just have to listen to the songs to really experience it!

Strange feelings. - 92%

sighofnight, August 11th, 2010

Woods of Infinity, a group that is certainly not a stranger to the strange, came out with this two-song EP in 2008.

Starting off, "Summer is Not My Friend" comes across as a long rant with little cohesion. Much of the track is praising the coldest days of the year and speeds along with crazy yelling and spoken word. Remembrances of the past and negativity of the present lead it onto the next track which I feel expands some ideas introduced here.

The second song "Excursions into the Uncanny Valley," however, slows this release down a bit and feature more traditional black metal vocals throughout while still being audible. The narrator looks back on his life and as with "Summer" sees how he is mostly unable to feel anymore, and perhaps could not in the past. This does tie into the themes presented in the previous track which gives it more meaning.

Both tracks on this EP are true to the title and overall this was an interesting listen.