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ARMAGEDDA give this value! - 90%

Kristenhat666, November 28th, 2007

This limited 7" EP, which has been part of my collection for a while, includes 1 song by the great ARMAGEDDA and another by the band WOODS OF INFINITY. I personally would have welcomed two songs by the former band rather than this kind of split, but let us not be hasty and get into the necessary details.

Side 1 belongs to ARMAGEDDA and their song "At The Edge Of Negative Existence", and countless words race through my mind at very thought of that track: negativist, unsettling, suicidal, anti-life, and so many more! This has got to be one of the most negative songs ever recorded! Definitely not recommended for anyone going through a very difficult period in their lives, lest they want to take a decisive and final step towards the grave! It is not only the production that gives me goose-bumps and that I find so very unsettling, but also the guitar sound that seems to have been recorded in a small compact room with no sound-engineering or studio involvement! The vocals are somewhat less raspy than on ARMAGEDDA's 1st full-length, but have acquired a downright hysterical side, giving the impression that vocalist Graav is indeed in great pain and on the verge of suicide! All these elements make "At The Edge ..." a unique experience, yet one that should be avoided in times of sorrow and depression, as I have already stated. This song would deserve a 100% rate for being able to put across what almost no other songs can.

Side 2 witnesses WOODS OF INFINITY playing a track that has unfortunately left me cold. And from this point of view, it is not any better than the rest of the musical efforts brought forth by this band in their artistic career. "Missfostret Tellus" is not by any means a bad song, but seems quite pale when compared to the track ARMAGEDDA have contributed to this split-EP. I think it was rather a mistake for the 2 bands to release anything together! WOODS OF INFINITY just seem to be one among the countless bands that play quite slow Black Metal that fails to impress due to its lack of persuasive abilities, especially as it comes short on everything that for example ARMAGEDDA deliver, namely hatred, depression, darkness and so on.

I cannot give this split-EP the full 100 points because of the rather weakish side 2. Admittedly, I bought it only because of the ARMAGEDDA song, and by my book, this fact alone makes it a worthwhile purchase! For it is definitely the closest one could come to suicide without actually attempting the act!