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Pure Northern Medieval Atmosphere Music - 98%

Andrzej, July 6th, 2003

If you liked the Sayticon songs Min hyllest til vinterland and I en svart kiste, this album is for you. Fjelltronen is a great atmospheric release consisting of synth, grand piano, accoustic guitars, and various percussives like timpani. Wongraven (Satyr) plays the guitars, bass, and some synth while adding powerful choirs that complement the music perfectly. Ihsahn of Emperor plays main synthesizers and grand piano.
Fjelltronen is divided into five parts, the first a 16 minute medieval masterpiece "Det var en gang et menneske" After an opening with synth, timpani, and both whispered and loudly chanted vocals, Satyr plays the acoustic to great effect. My favorite melody occurs at roughly 14:30 when synth, accoustic guitar and loud vocals combine to produce a sound capable of transporting you to the glorious mountain landscapes of Norway.
Part two was composed by Ihsahn and is mostly grand piano and some vocals.
Part three barely exceeds one minute, but utilizes the folkish tune of the mouth harp.
Part four is the most medieval sounding, with great percussion played by Hans K.K Sørensen. Shortly after five minutes, my favorite melody from part one returns for a little while. Part four blends in perfectly into five, and Fjelltronen ends with the chilling soung of the "final bell of no hope."
Overall, this CD is great to put on when doing something else or trying to sleep, but to fully appreciate it, it should be given your full attention and concentration. Ideally, it should be played at full volume.