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A black metal gift - 90%

lordazmolozmodial, December 27th, 2011

"Wolves In The Throne Room" is a black metal band that hails from Washington, United States, formed in 2003, and the released three fascinating full-length albums after releasing two average demos, and this year the band continues its releases, presenting its fourth album, "Celestial Lineage".

This full-length album contains many atmospheric and ambient elements, female vocals, and streaming shoegaze weather that all pound the black metal riffs like a hammer of glass, and every shred of this glassy hammer represents the wild crackly and shivery black metal vocals. The keys are playing the role of the place in this theatrical scene (Celestial Lineage). They surround the tracks and embrace them too tight so that no one single melody can escape from your ears. The production is not crystal and perfectly clear, but it's rigorous and relentless enough to paint the whole environment with the loud old school black metal sound. The guitars crash with tight drumbeats like an enormous cascade of sand and everything has been done perfectly with enough variation between the tracks.

The female guest vocals in the tracks "Thuja Magus Imperium" "and Woodland Cathedral" have been performed by Faith Coloccia (From the band House of Low Culture, and she has done the artwork for this album, too) and Jessika Kenney (from the band Asva), and they really added warmth and passion to the tracks. A lot of fanatic black metal fans would hate the variations of the tracks here because the female vocals and the shoegaze passages may not satisfy their needs for rough black metal tracks, but after all, all these variations add more perfection to the whole image of the album.

Generally, this is not a normal black metal band as every album they've made grants them more experience, and they've really improved a lot. The compositions and the arrangement are professional and more energy toward the path of atmospheric black metal has been discovered through this released. If you are into the styles of Burzum and Ulver, then this is a recommended album.

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