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Amazing. - 100%

Heffer, May 8th, 2012

I originally wrote this review stating that this album was essentially a Two Hunters counterpart. While this is not wholly wrong, it's not the whole answer. From what I heard, this album is the last piece in what the Weaver brothers wanted in a 3 album concept. First Two Hunters, then Black Cascade, and lastly this. One can easily see the relation to the albums, but they all stand completely apart from one another. After many listens, I've decided that this album is a blend of both Two Hunters and Diadem of 12 Stars. Wolves couldn't have released this album at a better time, as it was created for the autumn and found an incredible attachment between the two.

One thing this album delivers is the atmosphere. This album was the first to have the songs divided up now up into smaller segments, but they all transition so well, it's just like they still have the longer, more experimental sounds. The instrumental tracks, Permanent Changes in Consciousness and Rainbow Illness, are extremely effective in slowing down the pace, bringing a more spiritual aspect to the album. Every sound is represented in its own right with none too dominating. One thing I particularly enjoy is the drumming and the keyboards. The drumming keep the pace and when it's alone it does a perfect job of moving the song. The keyboards are well used and don't steal the light as many synths eventually do.

If one would listen to Diadem and then Celestial Lineage, or vice verse, I think the contrast would be stark, but in terms of the song structures they are very similar. The vocals and guitar work are so well intertwined in both albums that they give off a certain energy that wasn't present on Black Cascade (there was a different type of energy in Two Hunters).

Celestial Lineage is the most current effort put out by these brothers and they will continue to be a central band that I have kept listening to more often than not. As always, I will be awaiting the next release with great anticipation.