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Black Metal Reborn - 95%

Facegrindscumfuck, April 29th, 2009

I have become ever more tired of the modern Black Metal scene, nothing excites the senses like the classics in the genre, released more than a decade ago. Wolves In The Throne Room are different however.

I got this album whilst browsing in HMV. There is very little choice for decent Metal in a HMV as you should know, which is why this album caught my eye. I had heard many great things about them and also their very strange stance on what black metal should be about, intrigued me. So with a little apprehension in my mind, I purchased it. Best thing Ive ever done.

It starts subtly enough, rain falling. Then comes a great Black Metal Chord Of Impending Doom. As soon as the chord starts, you are aware that something majestic is about to happen. It kicks in full force, with intense shrieking and (mostly) unintelligible lyrics. I agree with alot of users on the burzum comparisons, although where Varg would sometimes whimper, Wolves never relent. The songs are intensely long, yet never boring, never rehashing old riffs, sometimes burning slowly, mostly igniting the ears. Ive never heard black metal sound so essential. Im almost disgusted that I didnt start listening to this band earlier.

My favourite track is Crystal Ammunition, it sounds so haunting, yet so hard hitting at the same time. The vocals are superb, the guitars have a lovely warm feeling which is rare in black metal and the drums are unique in the genre, with some really nice variation in his work. You can tell these songs have been moulded and shaped to perfection, everything sounds amazing.

In short, this album is re-ignited my love of Black Metal, a genre I was fast becoming bored with. Such a unique take is refreshing yet they dont stray too far away from the black metal path. Highly recommended for anyone feeling the same, slightly bored of the same tried and tested black metal. Essential music.

It is a little hard to digest in one sitting as there are only 4 songs, 2 being ten minutes and 2 being fourteen but after multiple listens, each becomes familiar and each has a sound all of its own. Ive got the other albums arriving any day now, when i shall be locking myself away and listening to more of the mighty Wolves In The Throne Room...