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They kept the best and added some greatness - 85%

kluseba, September 8th, 2011

Wolfsbane definitely made a big step forward with this underestimated record which is "Down Fall The Good Guys". Even though the album assimilates to the styles and trends of the early nineties, the band has kept the energy of the first record and combined it to a fresh new direction.

The opener "Smashed And Blind" is mid pace heavy metal track with some grunge tones and funky riffs that remind me of a mixture of Alice In Chains and Red Hot Chili Peppers. There is also a huge influence of Mötely Crüe in this track and the following "You Load Me Down" or the energizing "Twice As Mean" while the voice of Blaze Bayley honestly reminds me a little bit of the great Italian rock and pop singer Zucchero. As you can see, the new album sounds a lot less like heavy metal and heads for a few other different styles. What has remained is the great rock and roll party feeling. This is great entertaining feel good music. The fans of the first record can also take it easy as there are still many great rock and roll hymns somewhere between Guns 'N Roses, Judas Priest and even Dire Straits on this record such as "The Loveless" and "After Midnight".

There are also a couple of experiments in the songs that have a longer running time than most of the tracks from the band's first output so that we really can talk about evolution and progression here. "Cathode Ray Clinic" has some slightly hectic progressive sounds and great sound samples and interludes. Artistically, this is surely the most appealing track on the record and it still rocks straight forward nevertheless without sounding too overambitious. There are a few more surprises with the short acoustic ballad "Moonlight" and the amazing album closer "Dead At Last" that includes blues and especially country elements.

In the end, this album keeps the best from the first record and features many new and interesting experiments in a very good dose. The sound, the instrumental skills and the vocals clearly improved and the record is a true grower that impresses me more and more. For any fan of heavy metal, hard rock, funk rock, crossover or grunge as well as those who like the charismatic vocals of the future Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley as much as I do, I suggest you to discover this amazing album and watch out for this great little gem right now.