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Those attention deficit and über kvlt stand aside, - 100%

SetSothisNoxLa, November 19th, 2007

Wolfhetan’s debut album Entrückung is a rare little gem perhaps a bit rough or uneven for the general listener and hence woefully overlooked. In general it seems that often the metal scene and its various adherents routinely overlook that which is serene and monumental in epic austerity. Often the best pagan metal bands are overshadowed by those that strike out to be more KVLT, more Viking, more technical masturbatory, or what have you, but it is the simple yet momentous elements that made the early work of Drudkh, Gorgoroth and even Ulver legendary.

Having read a few reviews of this magnanimous record elsewhere, I could not help but think that the reviewers were caught between ending one video game and getting the next to fill their ADHD prattled existences. Those kind of people who demand to be “wowed” at ever minute (hell every second) and are lead around by whims of fancy that never last for any real length of time as they are ever lead by golden carrots everywhere are regrettably far too many and too often lend their voices to obfuscate critical attention to those projects that offer real worth. Alas…

That aside, what strikes me about this record are the elements and harmonies that slowly build up and release then build up again; the traversing of a journey or the slow unfolding of a story arch that by the end leads to a shattering conclusion. This kind of epic story writing is in place with this record. Sure the first time I heard it was not riveted at every turn, or floored by the technically prowess or recording style. There were no blazing solos or complex overdubs of leads and counter leads like epic power metal but I very much appreciated each part as it developed; its transitions and melodies, its quiet folk parts and eruptions of blasting mayhem. By the end I was haunted by them still and various elements rushed back to me, not in a dazzling, blinding brilliance but as an emotional exegesis, as specter, or perhaps best described as ancestral memories flooding back to me. Returning home and the warm feel of the hearth, the pleasant murmur that one feels when returning to the forest, entering the canopy and the smell of the earth.

I mention the bands above because one can hear similarities to with this release, Gorgoroth’s Gorgoroth from Antichrist with its simple epic clean vocals and breaks mixed with kvlt black metal. One also can hear austere harmonies as those from Drudkh’s Autumn Aurora and Forgotten Legends, and of course Ulver’s Bergtatt. All roads lead back to Bergtatt and the Trilogy. These are very good references, but this project by the bass player of Odal should not be considered derivative by any means. It stands on its on feet proud, head held aloft. Perhaps on a solitary path, but others, kindred to this path should seek others, track this down and enjoy its majesty.